Accountants: Heroes or Villains of the Financial Landscape?

accounting calculator and files


It may seem like a mundane task, filling paperwork, administration work, calculating and crunching numbers, making calls, and prepping for tax season. However, these tedious tasks are dealt with by a very special type of person.

They are the infamous accountants that save the day when all hope seems lost. These special super heroes’ super powers are why small businesses thrive. Let’s face it, if an accountant was not involved in the finances of a small business, it would not succeed very long. Worrying about bills or allocating funds in the right accounts can be a daunting task, but it is no match for the accountant. Even though it does not seem like a glamorous job, someone must do it.  Accountants are ready to take on the challenge.

The great thing about accountants is their serious yet calm demeanor. They can handle the stresses of finances with accuracy and still maintain their composure. Here is just a small list of what they can do:

  1. An accountant can help make sure a business is set up properly.
  2. An accountant can help make sure a company pays its utility bills on time.
  3. An accountant can look ahead and prepare a company budget.
  4. An accountant can plan ahead so there’s money on hand to pay expenses.
  5. An accountant can help minimize a company’s tax liabilities.
  6. An accountant can help with personnel recommendations.
  7. An accountant can help identify profitability and losses.
  8. An accountant can advise on the wisdom of buying or selling property or assets.
  9. An accountant can serve as point person in the event of an audit.
  10. An accountant can be a proactive partner in helping grow a business.


So, the next time you see an accountant, give them a hug, because they are always there to save your financial day!

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