Beyond the Basics

At KSA Management we are dedicated to helping and protecting our clients.

We can assist with the purchase of homes and cars, help make travel arrangements, and hire/fire support staff such as housekeepers and gardeners.  We make arrangements for plumbers, electricians, and other services as required.  As a client of KSA Management our extensive network of contacts is available to you when needed.

We maintain a paperless office as much as possible.  Not only is going paperless good for our environment, it allows us to streamline our activities and provide more accurate and timely information for our clients.  Using our dedicated in-house servers, the latest hardware firewall appliances, and encrypted off-site backups, we are committed to securing your data and making sure it is available to you when you need it.  Our software system will allow our clients to login remotely to view and approve invoices, print copies if desired, and look at their entire financial history.

At KSA Management, there is no request too big or too small.  We are dedicated to making your life easier, and enjoy unique challenges!